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The American Energy Initiative: A Focus on Alternative Fuels and Vehicles, Both the Challenges and the Opportunities

July 10, 2012

The Subcommittee on Energy and Power has scheduled a continuation of its hearing on the American Energy Initiative on Tuesday, July 10, 2012, at 10:00 a.m. in room 2322 of the Rayburn House Office Building. The focus of the hearing will be on alternative fuels and vehicles, both the challenges and the opportunities.

Hearing Notice

Background Memo

Opening Statement of Energy and Power Subcommittee Vice Chairman John Sullivan

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Witness List

Panel I

Mr. Joseph Petrowski
Chief Executive Officer
Cumberland Gulf Group
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Mr. Jack Gerard
President and Chief Executive Officer
American Petroleum Institute
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Mr. Robert Dinneen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Renewable Fuels Association
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Mr. Thomas Tanton
Executive Director and Director,
Science and Technology Assessment
American Tradition Institute
Witness Testimony

Mr. Michael McAdams
Advanced Biofuels Association
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Mr. Michael Breen
Vice President
Truman National Security Project
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Dr. Richard A. Bajura
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Director, National Research Center for Coal and Energy
West Virginia University
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony and CV)

Ms. Felice Stadler
Director, Dirty Fuels Campaign
National Wildlife Federation
Witness Testimony

Panel II

Mr. Gregory Dolan
Executive Director – Americas/Europe
Methanol Institute
Witness Testimony

Mr. Shane Karr
Vice President, Federal Government Affairs
Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony)

Mr. Donald Althoff
Chief Executive Officer
Flex Fuel US
Witness Testimony

Mr. Thomas Hassenboehler
Vice President of Policy Development and Legislative Affairs
America’s Natural Gas Alliance
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony)

Ms. MaryAnn Wright
Vice President, Global Technology and Innovation, and
Chair, Electric Drive Transportation Association
Johnson Controls Inc.
Witness Testimony (Truth in Testimony)

U.S. Representative Fred Upton

U.S. Representative Joe L. Barton

Congressman Fred Upton has represented the commonsense values of southwest Michigan since 1987. In 2010, Fred was selected by his House colleagues to serve as Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Read More»;