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7/23/2012 Letter to FCC on Program Carriage Rules
7/12/2012 Letters Regarding LightSquared/GPS Interference
7/10/2012 Federal Spectrum Working Group Letter to NTIA Regarding Federal Spectrum Usage
7/9/2012 Bipartisan Letter to FCC Regarding the Universal Service Fund
6/4/2012 Letters Regarding West Virginia's Broadband Stimulus Grant
3/5/2012 Letters of Support for FCC Process Reform
2/28/2012 Letters Regarding LightSquared/GPS Interference
2/16/2012 Letters of Support for Spectrum Reform
2/3/2012 Letters Regarding LightSquared and GPS Document Request
1/10/2012 Letter from FCC Regarding Workload Update
12/21/2011 Letter to ICANN Regarding Expansion of Generic Top-Level Domain Program
12/21/2011 Letter to FCC Regarding Commission Workload
12/7/2011 Letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski Regarding New Spectrum Screen Standards
11/28/2011 Letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski Regarding FCC Processes
11/9/2011 Bipartisan Letter to RUS Regarding Open Range Communications Loan
10/27/2011 Letter to President Obama Regarding FCC Net Neutrality Rules
10/6/2011 Letter to FCC Regarding the Universal Service Fund and Intercarrier Compensation
10/4/2011 Letter to GAO on Cybersecurity
9/8/2011 Letter to FCC, DOJ on Proposed AT&T/T-Mobile USA Merger
6/22/2011 Letter to Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs on FCC Regulations
6/22/2011 Letter to FCC on USF and FCC Responses (updated 7/28/11)
6/3/2011 Letter to FCC on Process Reform
5/31/2011 FCC Letters on Fairness Doctrine
5/19/2011 Letter from FCC on Public Safety Equipment
5/18/2011 Letter to Department of Homeland Security on Cyber-Security
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U.S. Representative Fred Upton

U.S. Representative Joe L. Barton

Congressman Fred Upton has represented the commonsense values of southwest Michigan since 1987. In 2010, Fred was selected by his House colleagues to serve as Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Read More»;