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8/22/2012 Upton, Walden Statement on the FCC’s Special Access Decision
8/21/2012 Walden Announces Hearing on Commercial Use of Federal Spectrum
8/3/2012 VIDEO ALERT: Analysis of White House’s Transparency Claims: “That’s Called Deceitful”
8/2/2012 ICYMI: The Most Transparent Administration in History?
8/1/2012 Walden, Bono Mack Urge Support to Preserve Internet, Prevent Global Government Control
7/31/2012 Committee Report Reveals Great Fallacy of Obama White House Transparency
7/23/2012 Members Urge FCC to Avoid Expansion of Program Carriage Rules
7/16/2012 Upton Releases 2nd Quarter Report
7/10/2012 Subcommittee Receives Update from FCC Commissioners
7/10/2012 Federal Spectrum Working Group Seeks Update on Government Spectrum Use
7/6/2012 Look Ahead: Committee Hearings for Week of July 9, 2012
6/27/2012 Subcommittee Discusses Best Methods to Encourage Innovation and Consumer Choice for Video
6/22/2012 Look Ahead: Committee Announces Hearings for Week of June 25
6/21/2012 Upton, Walden Statements in FCC vs. FOX Decision
6/14/2012 Walden Announces Upcoming Hearings on the Future of Video and FCC Oversight
6/13/2012 ICYMI: California Investigative Watchdog Discovers Number of Jobs Lost in Solyndra Debacle Lowballed by Nearly 75%
6/1/2012 Look Ahead: Committee Announces Hearings for Week of June 4
5/31/2012 Subcommittee Discusses the Dangers of International Regulation of the Internet
5/30/2012 House Unanimously Approves the FCC Consolidated Reporting Act
5/30/2012 Bipartisan Leaders of the Committee Introduce Resolution to Preserve and Protect a Global Internet Free from Government Control
5/25/2012 Look Ahead: Committee Announces Hearings for Week of May 28
5/17/2012 Communications and Technology Subcommittee Gets More Confirmation Stimulus Projects Were Not “Shovel Ready”
5/15/2012 Upton, Walden, and Stearns Statement on LightSquared/GPS Investigation
4/25/2012 Walden, Eshoo Appoint Members of Bipartisan Federal Spectrum Working Group
4/20/2012 Upton Outlines Energy and Commerce Accomplishments in Quarterly Report to Members
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U.S. Representative Fred Upton

U.S. Representative Joe L. Barton

Congressman Fred Upton has represented the commonsense values of southwest Michigan since 1987. In 2010, Fred was selected by his House colleagues to serve as Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce. Read More»;


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